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There is an increase in travel in recent times. Travelers worldwide are searching for new adventures and destinations to mark off their bucket lists. People desire to stay at a hotel, motel, resort, or an Inn while traveling because it will improve their experience—a spot where they may make new memories and unwind after a hard day.

Your hotel should be operating as effectively as possible so that you can provide your visitors with the once-in-a-lifetime experiences they are looking for. The smallest of things must be carefully taken into account because the simple things are what count in the end! Simple details that are constantly noticed. Hotel key cards are an eye-catching item that guests see every day and can significantly impact a hotel and make a difference.

Choosing the best key card for you can take time because many different kinds, such as RFID hotel key cards and Magnetic Stripe Cards, are available. Various characteristics are particular to each sort of card. Let’s look at a few distinct key card types and how they differ.

Card with Magnetic Stripe: A magnetic stripe is something that we’ve all seen.

These kinds of cards—whether on a gift card, credit card, or hotel key card—are quite common. But if you’re unfamiliar, these cards are recognized by their backs’ magnetic stripes, which can be either black or brown.
They are swiped for a card reader to read the magnetic stripe. While using them to pay for your accommodation is similar to using a credit card, you are not authorizing a payment. Rather, you are flinging the door wide open.

This technology still works and remains efficient after all these years. The only drawback of magnetic stripe technology is that, under some conditions, cards may demagnetize and cease to function.

Smart Cards: Smart cards can help us advance a step further! Simply put, the card can be read without contacting the apparatus for reading hotel key cards. Nice, no?

You may have already seen this relatively new technology without even realizing it. One of the categories of smart cards is RFID cards. We must define RFID to comprehend what an RFID card is. Radio-Frequency Identification is referred to as RFID. This indicates that the cards contain tiny tags interacting with a reader through radio waves.

And technology keeps getting better! The robust RFID technology will wow your visitors! It’s incredibly practical because the hotel key card system can still scan key cards that the guests have left in wallets or key card holders. Even further than possible, newer RFID cards can be read. The future development of RFID will be intriguing to watch.

Security is another benefit of using a smart card for entrance. These are difficult to reproduce, unlike cards with magnetic stripes. They can be disabled remotely quickly after being allocated to a room. Imagine returning from the beach only to discover that your key cards are gone. The card is quickly disabled, so it cannot be used at the front desk, and a new one is given to you.

Which hotel key card is the best option for you?

Smart cards have a very bright future. Embracing the developing technologies today would give your brand an advantage. But whichever key card type you decide on, will work and safely grant visitors entrance to their rooms.