Hotel Key Cards

Hotel Key Cards

RFID cards enable contactless access control and cashless transactions for businesses by unique RFID technology . RFID cards are suitable for hotels, apartments, parks, playgrounds, swimming pools, hospitals, buildings, warehouses, which are very important for access control management.

RFID Key cards are widely used around the world to ensure your lock system secure. Our key cards are produced according to your design. RFID hotel key cards are useful for blocking unauthorized access to hotel rooms. To keep the data on the chip safe, the data on the card can only be read by appropriate equipment.

Let’s Begin with Your Hotel or Keyless Entry Cards

We customizes plastic cards with magnetic stripe for your hotels, as well as high quality RFID key cards and contactless smart cards (like SLE 5542 , SLE 5528), with your custom designs that will promote your hotel brand. Order batch of custom hotel key cards online or get in touch with our sales representatives to help you with your key card printing requests.

Our hotel key cards work with :