MIFARE is a contactless card technology. Like other contactless cards, there are antennas and chips inside. MIFARE cards use a 13.56 MHz frequency and are compliant with the ISO14443A industry standard. MIFARE from NXP is one of the most commonly used RFID smart card technologies. MIFARE is small enough to be sealed in plastic cards, RFID wristbands or key fobs, etc.
MIFARE cards are widely used in bus cards, subway cards, electronic wallets, gym membership cards, fitness cards, etc.

  • MIFARE has four contactless card families:
  • MIFARE Classic – 1K, 4K
  • MIFARE Ultralight
  • MIFARE Plus

Of course, there are some other chips on the market that are compatible with MIFARE chips, such as Fudan FM11RF08 (F08), which is compatible with MIFARE 1K well.

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• MIFARE adheres to the industry standard for contactless smart cards in every way (ISO14443A)

• The frequency of MIFARE technology is 13.56 MHz.

• The read range (the distance between the card reader and you) is 0-10cm.

• The dimensions of a standard Mifare card are 85.7mm x 54.0mm x 0.8mm, however various sizes are available

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