Contact Smart Cards

Contact Smart Cards

Contact smart cards must be inserted into the card acceptor device. Pins attached to the card reader “make contact” with pads on the surface of the card to read and store the information inside the card chip

There are several options for contact smart cards. The type of application that is right for you depends on the amount of data you need to save and the level of security you need.

Such chips have evolved over the years in terms of the amount of information that can be carried and how smart cards are used.

Many of us are familiar with these cards. We use them as prepaid cards, credit and debit cards, secure building access cards, medical or ID cards, cybersecurity, vending machines, meal plans, loyalty programs, electronic cash transfers, government IDs, campus IDs, E-commerce, health card.

Examples of these cards include:

  • SLE 4442 / SLE 5542
  • SLE4428 / SLE 5528
  • AT24C01 / AT24C02 ,etc