Smart Cards

Smart Cards

Smart Card or Chip Card is usually a plastic membership card sized card with an IC chip inside. Through direct insertion or short-range wireless connection such as RFID or NFC technology , the functions on the card are performed or the information exchange between the smart card and the card reader is realized.

There are several types of smart cards. They are classified according to the way of card reading and writing, chip type and function. Including contactless smart card and contact smart card.

Contactless smart cards are generally the same size as a credit card or other custom sizes. It is a contactless card with an embedded RFID transponder that uses radio frequency technology to interact with the reader. The RFID chip inside can store data and communicate with the terminal via NFC. Usually it is used for recharge, ticket, access control, and identity authentication, etc.

Contact smart card, as the most common smart card, it contains a single embedded integrated circuit chip. The chip contains only memory or a microprocessor. In order to realize the transmission of commands and data, the contact card needs to be inserted into the smart card reader. There are a variety of contact smart cards to choose from, depending on the amount of data you need to store and the level of security you need. All of our custom contact smart cards are printed and manufactured according to the ISO standards.

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With the rise in popularity of NFC and RFID technology, we provide a range of Smart Cards for your needs. Our cards are designed to be used with leading technologies such as NXP Mifare®, Infineon’s SCC Helium® platform or Paxton’s NTAG 2+. No matter how you choose, them-we’ve got what it takes! We use the latest printing and card-making technology to produce these high-tech cards. We can make them of any size, shape or color that you want, and we can even add special features like holograms, magnetic stripes or barcodes. So if you need a smart card for your next project, we’d be happy to help!

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If you’re looking for a quality Smart Card with an eye-catching design, then we can help. Imagine what your business card could look like with full colour, double-sided print. You get all of this for the price, that’s right! Our Smart Cards come complete with great features such as: Full Colour (CMYK), Double Sided Print; Your choice between Gloss or Matt Laminating.

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  1. Contactless smart card
 Low Frequency 125KHz
 RFID ICIC ManufacturerRF ProtocolMemory
 EM4100/EM4200EM MICROELECTRONIC/128bit Unique R/O
 GK4001Infineon/64bit Unique R/O
TK4100China Taiwan/64bit Unique R/O
 Atmel T5567Atmel/330 bit R/W
Atmel T5577Atmel/330 bit R/W
 Hitag 1NXP-Philips/2K bit EEPROM
 Hitag 2NXP-Philips/256 bit R/W
 Hitag S SeriesNXP-Philips/256 and 2048 bit EEPROM
 High Frequency 13.56KHz
 RFID ICIC ManufacturerRF ProtocolMemory
 Mifare 1KNXPISO 14443A1K Byte EEPROM
 Mifare 4KNXPISO 14443A4K Byte EEPROM
 Mifare UltralightNXPISO 14443A512 bit EEPROM
Mifare Ultralight CNXPISO 14443A1536 bit EEPROM
Mifare DESFire EV1NXPISO 14443A256B,2/4/8 KB EEPROM
FM11RF08FudanISO 144431k bit EEPROM
 Tag-it HF Ti2048Texas Instrument(TI)ISO 156932K-bit EEPROM
 Legic MIM256LegicLegic RF Standard256 Byte EEPROM
Legic MIM1024LegicLegic RF Standard1K Byte EEPROM
NTAG 213NXPISO 14443144 Byte EEPROM
NTAG 215NXPISO 14443504 Byte EEPROM
NTAG 216NXPISO 14443888 Byte EEPROM

Ultra High Frequency 860-960MHz

RFID typeIC ManufacturerRF ProtocolMemory
Alien 9662NXPISO 18000-6C(EPC gen2)EPC 96bit/ User 512 bit