RFID Labels

RFID Labels

RFID label is a smart label with chip and antenna inside. The passive RFID label with embedded RFID inlay is the common type. This smart label gives the asset a unique digital identity and is used to mark and track the product.

Donsense Smart RFID produces a variety of RFID labels, including: 860-960 MHz, EPC Class1 Gen2 / ISO 18000-6, 18000-6C UHF Labels 13.56 MHZ, ISO 14443 A, NFC Labels 13.56 MHZ ISO 18000-3 NFC Forum HF Labels. Offset printer, thermal or ribbon printers are used to print our labels, allowing us to configure the internal IC and memory; Impinj Monza, NXP, or Alien. Label materials and adhesives are made to your specifications; standard paper, polyethylene, polyamide, cartons, and so on. Donsense RFID offers a variety of delivery options, including rolls, zig-zag, loose, and more. Our labels are compliant with international standards and are approved for use on all RFID frequencies. Donsense RFID prints and encodes a variety of labels based on the chip being used, the protection range, and the paper quality. Please contact us for additional information about our RFID label printing and encoding services, as well as our capabilities.

What is the Purpose of Encoding?

RFID labels are typically having a unique factory ID that can be sequential or non-sequential, depending on the kind of IC. Normally, these IDs aren’t in the right format for the applications that require product or person identification. We can provide you with labels that have been produced and encoded for your unique application, or we can provide you with tools to help you do it yourself. RFID Tags personalization- We may personalise and encode tags with the information you provide, create a barcode and encode it, Print photos, QR codes, or other data that is required and Protect data with encryption. Tag personalization can be used to enhance your product and make it more engaging by adding extra information that’s important for you. This includes creating barcodes or QR codes, printing photos on the side of packages with data required (like shipping addresses), encrypting files so they only open when someone knows how specific keys work!

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