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Donsense Smart is a leading card printing and RFID tag manufacturing company that was established in 2005. With their office located on the island of Hong Kong, they have been striving to take it up another level every day with innovative strategies and state-of-the art technology used for creating marketing materials such as cards and RFID tags targeted at businesses who want something more creative than what’s available from other sources. A short span since its founding has seen Donsense Smart grow into supplying partners not just locally but also internationally – currently serving clients across USA & Europe among other places.

About Donsence Smart

Donsense smart has the perfect solution to your RFID card and tag needs. With innovative engineering & patented processes for your needs no matter how complicated or simple they may be-you’re sure to find the kind of RFID card and tag you need at Donsense smart!

Quality Printing

We’re the best at what we do. Our printing techniques will give your designs a unique look that no other company can match, and our customer service is second-to none!

Customer Service

We know that printing can be a very confusing process. That’s why we’re here to help! Our friendly customer service reps will walk you through all of your options and answer any questions, no matter how small they may seem.


We pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer service and high-quality products at affordable prices with quick turnaround time frames so that you can keep up growth!

Technical Knowledge

With our excellent technical knowledge for printing, we are able to offer high-quality products at low costs.Our team has been trained on all the latest techniques in order that you can be satisfied with whatever project your bringing us into!


We are a leading smart card printing and RFID tag manufacturing company in Hong Kong. With an office concentrated within the region, they are on ongoing endeavor to take it up another level by making sure that their clients get top-notch card printing services with innovative techniques and use of latest technologies only available from them.

Who We Are

In today’s world, there are countless printing companies to choose from. So, who are we? What makes us different? We believe in quality over quantity. We focus on the individual customer and their unique needs. Whether it’s smart cards or RFID Tags we promise to give you our all.

Our Mission

We are responsible for the creation and distribution of printed materials. This includes anything from smart cards to RFID Tags. Our mission is to provide customers with high-quality prints that meet their needs. We work with a customer to create the perfect print for their needs.