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We are plastic card manufacturers that print really great PVC and laminated cards…

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We provide a complete range of smart cards to customers located in the U.S, UK, EU and worldwide.

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A wide range of RFID products will highly improve your working efficiency, like tags, labels, wristbands

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Donsens Printing Services

DONSENSE smart was established in 2005, and has become one of the leading smart card and custom RFID card manufacturers in the world. Utilizing the latest smart card and tag manufacturing equipment, we are capable of handling jobs of all sizes, from a few hundred to several million pieces.

 Our product range includes RFID labels, access control cards, contact smart cards, MIFARE cards, proximity cards, plastic cards, card key tag combos, custom shaped cards, luggage tags, scratch cards, RFID Tags, RFID wristbands, ID cards, vingcard hotel key cards and more.

Custom-printed RFID Cards

In today’s world, access to spaces and places is key. Custom-printed RFID cards and wearables allow people to easily access doorways, make purchases, and function in a smooth, secure environment. At our company, we are passionate about staying on the cutting edge of technology so that we can offer custom RFID card printing solutions. We develop, prototype and deploy customizable NFC-enabled cards that give authorized users easy access to areas they need to go. Our advanced materials provide engineered manufacturing capabilities in order to design robust and reliable products.

With our expertise in product design and material science, we are able to take on even the most complex challenges with confidence. We help create hassle-free experiences for customers by delivering high-quality printed RFID cards and wearables that meet their unique needs with precision.

A Guide To How RFID Cards Work

What is RFID?

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is a wireless identification system using radio waves to transfer data remotely. It is widely used for asset tracking, access control, anti-counterfeiting, and contactless payment. An RFID system generally comprises three main components – the RFID reader (which reads data from the tag or chip), the antenna which transmits and receives the signal, and finally the RFID tags or chips themselves which can be embedded into objects of any size. Custom-printed RFID cards offer additional versatility as they can be utilized in a wide range of applications such as staff or student ID cards for building access control or for time and attendance monitoring. They can be encoded with unique identifiers, multiple authentication levels, sensitive personal information, and visual images for easy recognition without compromising security. Custom-printed RFID cards are an ideal solution when secure access control is a priority. All in all, RFID technology enables organizations to streamline processes while delivering better access security at the same time.

How Do RFID Cards Work?

A radio-frequency identification card, or RFID card, contains an antenna, which captures the radio signals sent by specialized readers and transmits information back to them. This information can encode data such as location, inventory management, and customer tracking. As an added layer of security, Custom Printed RFID Cards use encryption protocols to protect private data and limit access to only authorized personnel. By leveraging powerful RFID card technology, organizations can effectively manage their assets without complex manual processes that take up valuable man-hours and resources.

What are RFID Cards Used For?

RFID cards are becoming increasingly popular due to their versatility and convenience. An RFID card stores store data, and it can be used for a variety of purposes. Custom Printed RFID cards offer the added bonus of personalization, which makes them perfect for marketing or private use. Customized RFID cards can be used as keycards, membership cards, access control cards, payment cards, ticketing systems, and more.

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